Absolutely Collioure

The Absolutely Collioure Charter:

The commitment Absolutely Collioure aims to involve Collioure town, tourist office and traders, on a charter to promote a quality of welcome, service to our visitors. The selection "Absolutely Collioure" guarantees you an offer of establishments and activities of quality.

Merchants are involved with you to offer you a welcome and a quality service.
Absolutely Collioure merchants who have signed the charter are committed to you on the following points:

- We welcome each guest with good humor and courtesy.
- We facilitate contacts with our foreign customers.
- We seek to create a space where users will feel good.
- We take into account each client or each visitor as soon as he arrives.
- We guarantee that within our establishment and its surroundings, cleanliness will be required.
- We post our prices, our schedules to better serve you.
- We inform our customers about their local and regional centers of interest, we disseminate them the best possible information.
- We collect and consider the opinions of our customers.
We are committed alongside the Tourist Office and the Town Hall to support and grow Absolument Collioure.

Visit the page of the Tourist Office of Collioure who recommends us: https://www.collioure.com/notre-selection/p/2